Balla Sanitation Project (India)

Goal: $4,000
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Help us raise enough money to build a life-changing sanitation upgrade in the community of Balla!

It may feel strange to talk about it, but open defecation is an issue that affects billions of people in the developing world, and over 636 million people in India. The lack of sanitary toilets is proven to lead to a variety of issues ranging from disease to childhood malnutrition and lack of economic output. For the villagers from Balla, a community nestled in the foothills of the Himalayays, the lack of toilets often means being stalked by wild boars or threatened by snakes as the go into the woods at night to relieve themselves. For the past three years, Rustic Pathways has worked with the villagers of Balla to address this pressing issue. With the support of local NGOs and community members, the Rustic Pathways team in India has identified 95 families who cannot afford to have a toilet in their home. The Rustic Pathways Foundation requires $4,000 for every new toilet block that it constructs. Are you ready to make an impact?

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