The Floating Village School Project (Cambodia)

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The elementary school in Prek Toal is sinking. They need your help to build a new one!

Prek Toal is a village of 3,600 people that sits on the edge of the Tonle Sap, a massive freshwater lake in the heart of Cambodia. Over 90% of its people rely on fishing for their income. Rampant overfishing, changing weather patterns, and a growing population has led this community to fall on hard times. Despite the fact that many of the community's youth are leaving the village to seek work in larger cities, the population of the village continues to grow. With all of these forces at play, now is perhaps the least opportune time for their elementary school to be sinking into the river. 

Prek Toal's elementary school, like almost every other structure in the village, is a floating building that rises and falls with the river as the seasonal monsoons come and go. The current structure was built in 1996 by UNICEF, but half of the building is now sinking. With no other place to go, the students sit at a 30 degree angle as the building slowly sinks into the river. Everyday, teachers and students pump water out of the school to keep it afloat. This will not last much longer. The Rustic Pathways Foundation is proud to support this community in their efforts to build a permanent, safe, dignified schoolhouse. Please support the Rustic Pathways Foundation in its efforts to give this community the school that they need.