The Monte Coca Batey Housing Project (Dominican Republic)

Goal: $24,000
$14,659 4 61% Complete

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We are so close to meeting our goal of building safe housing for 3 more families in Monte Coca!

Since 2012, Rustic Pathways has been working with the people of Monte Coca to ensure that every member of its community has a safe and dignified living space that will allow them to lead happy and healthy lives. It costs only $8,000 for the Rustic Pathways Foundation to build a brand new home for a family in Monte Coca. Are you willing to help?

A "batey" is an informal community formed as a result of the need for unskilled labor in the production of sugarcane. Bateys are some of the poorest communities in the Dominican Republic, often inhabited by undocumented Haitian immigrants, or Dominicans of Haitian descent. With a tight grip politics and media, a small number of sugar companies are able to exploit these workers, paying them nearly unlivable wages. This results in extremely poor quality of life in the bateys. Rustic Pathways and the Rustic Pathways Foundation are proud to help improve the quality of life in Monte Coca. 

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